Though many people often think about Internet of Things (IoT) and robotics technology as separate fields, these two niches seem to be growing simultaneously as we find new ways to engineer each one. The IoT and robotics communities are coming together to create The Internet of Robotic Things (IoRT). The IoRT is a concept in which intelligent devices can monitor the events happening around them, fuse their sensor data, make use of local and distributed intelligence to decide on courses of action and then behave to manipulate or control objects in the physical world. The IoT is a network of things that are connected to the internet, including IoT devices and IoT-enabled physical assets ranging from consumer devices to sensor-equipped connected technology. These items are an essential driver for customer-facing innovation, data-driven optimization, new applications, digital transformation, business models and revenue streams across all sectors. IoT devices are usually designed to handle specific tasks, while robots need to react to unexpected conditions. Artificial intelligence and machine learning help these robots deal with unexpected conditions that arise.

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